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Best Travel Tips for Spain 2019

It’s best to put everything in a smaller backpack and lock it. Girls put money in your bra. That should ensure it doesn’t go missing.

Only take the very necessary things to the beach. Pick-pocketing can be a problem in Valencia to so be aware of who is standing close to you. Madrid doesn’t have too much of a pick-pocket problem. The 2 attempts I saw were unsuccessful and very amateur. Obviously, as I saw what they were trying to do.

If you forget to take water with you there are stalls for buying water and other refreshments everywhere. Get them before 1pm as all shops close for siesta and you then have to get them out of machines at bars and the selection is limited.

Go out in pairs and take a taxi home. I once saw the comment on a travel tip page; don’t look like a tourist. Love to know how you do that! Take the train between cities. It’s so fast and you don’t lose a whole day travelling on the bus. It’s a little more expensive but if you’re pushed for time.

Tenerife has more hostels than Gran Canaria  and as always its cheaper if you are travelling with a partner or friend. Off season rates are much lower in the Balearic Islands.

Make sure to get your booking right if going to either island group. you fly into the town of Las Palmas on Gran Canaria Island. Yep can be a little confusing so recheck before hitting the confirm button.

Madrid to Tarifa

Large and hot with desert-like conditions and landscape south of Madrid to Tarifa. Traveling here is a breeze especially if you take the train from city to city. They get up to 305kmph. So comfortable you don’t realize you are going that speed and it’s a great way to see the interior of the country in comfort. And with 101 places to go and some beautiful beaches, I can see why people are drawn there. I can’t quite understand why the people of Spain haven’t jumped up and down to get something done about this. I figure if countries in South and Central America have the money to deal with sewage then Spain definitely has the money. That’s my thoughts on it anyway.


Alicante is in the area commonly called the Costa Blanca and associated with Alicante is Benidorm and Denia. There are caves, the Mediterranean, sunsets, food, museums, and galleries. It’s a case of so much, so little time. South of Alicante, you have places like Torrevieja and its popularity extends to NZ. Yes, my lawyer has a holiday home here. The whole Mediterranean coast is holiday resorts after resorts. The number of holidaymakers going to Spain each year just keeps rising.

I would be here for days putting in info on all of them so I will put in only where I have been and keep it short.


Malaga, on the coast, hot and interesting. Climb to the ruins and overlook the port and bull-fighting ring. There are narrow streets, nightlife, restaurants,  museums, gardens, and shopping. Loads of bars and restaurants here mean you won’t go thirsty and don’t forget the suntan lotion. LOVE IT !! Further south from here will see you in places like Fuengirola, Marbella, and Gibraltar.

Tarifa has a wide long beach.  When I was there pretty much all the tourists had left but there were still lots of backpackers and the weather still warm. This was October  2008. Most people at this time of the year go there to take the ferry to Morocco as it is a cheap choice. Heaps cheaper than flying! Not a lot to do here but enjoy the sun.

Many people come here to learn Spanish.  The old city has some of its original walls still standing and within are winding narrow alleys that connect to Plazas, which are numerous, and monuments. Never cold- well not the way I know cold. I took the bus from here to Tarifa as there is no train to get there.


It has a tram going through the centre and a river. Great to stroll along and get some beautiful photos. Old building and architecture and more at every corner. I think the people I met here made it enjoyable as by this stage I had had enough of buildings, museums, restaurants, you know the usual stuff we all go to look at.


This city has a large gay community. Not that this should make any difference to anyone going there. It has a new ultra-modern look and the buildings are just as interesting as what’s in them especially the Arts and Science and Museum Complex. Not a 1minute walk from here is also the Aquarium known as L’Oceanografic. It’s the largest in Europe. Then there is still the older part of the city with its cathedrals and historic buildings of art galleries, museums, and theatres. There’s the usual beaches, restaurants, and the famous paella, Spanish omelet and whatever your taste buds desire. America’s Cup saw the revamp of the port which is Spain’s largest and is worth a look. Overall Valencia is quite the contrast with its old and new history.